Missing .WAV Files Post Source Control (Plastic

Hi Folks,
We’re using FMOD 2.00.03 and Unity 2019.2.4f1 with Plastic as our Source Control. I checked out my branch while working at the client’s and noticed that a handful of .WAV files were missing from the project, even though they were in the project’s assets folder. The instruments were present and accounted for in the project. I reconnected the files, and commited the work, but noticed that the same files, and some newer ones have gone missing. This seems to be effecting the most reason additions.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Matt

The screenshot you’ve posted has “New” tags next to the assets rather than “Missing” tags. “New” tags indicate that the .wav file is present in the assets folder, but that it has no metadata, typically because it has not yet been used in any instruments. I also notice that the files in your screenshot have two .wav extensions instead of one. Is it possible that these files have somehow been renamed, resulting in them appearing to be both missing and new, because the files have been renamed from what FMOD Studio expects?

If that screenshot is actually of the wrong files, and the files in question are marked “Missing,” then I don’t have enough information about your setup to know why, but here’s some questions that might help you troubleshoot it.

On the machine that was used to add the assets, is the project’s assets folder inside the project folder, or is the asset folder in an external location? If it’s in an external location, the files in that folder will not have been checked into your source control repository by FMOD Studio, as they are literally not part of the directory that is subject to source control.

Are the files present in your source control repository when you check using Plastic SCM? If they’re not present in the repository, and are present in some users’ workspaces but not others, they may have been deleted by a user who then checked in the change. If so, you will have to identify and revert that change in order to get the files back.

Alternatively, they may not have been added to the repository in the first place. On a machine where they’re present, select “File > Source Control > Sync Latest, Merge & Commit…”, then check whether they appear in the Submit window’s “On Hold” tab; If the files are there, they must have been put on hold and never submitted to the repository.

Hi Joseph,
Thank you for the response. The double .wav extension was due to the fact that the .wav extension was missing or hidden on the client’s machine, so I added them. Those assets were provided by the client, but I’ve had the same issue with my own assets.

The FMOD project resides in the Unity project folder on all machines.

One thing I noticed in Plastic is that there were a bunch of .xml files that were considered private, so they didn’t get committed when I was at the clients. Could that have been the problem? I have since committed them after reconnecting the files, back at my studio. I’m used to seeing the .cache and .wav files set to private, so I manually add the .wav files to the repo, but seeing the .xml files seems like a recent thing.

I will have a chat with the dev to see if he can include .wav and .xml files as changed files, as opposed to private.

Best, Matt

The contents of the .cache , .user , and .unsaved folders should not be committed to source control, but all other .xml files contain the metadata that comprises your project, and excluding them from source control means excluding the corresponding parts of your project from source control as well.

Information on which parts of your FMOD Studio project folder should be included in source control can be found in the Adding Your Project to a Repository section of the Using Source Control chapter of the FMOD Studio User Manual.