Modifiyng parameters via Command instrument automation? (FMOD 2.1)

Hey y’all! I love the new command block modifications.

I’ve ran into a bug and was wondering if I accidentally uncovered something that isn’t supposed to be a feature.

So, with the new command instrument, you can adjust global parameter values, or increment them.

However, I wanted to achieve a smooth increment, much like you can do with snapshot instruments on a timeline, by automating it.

If I even think about adding an automation on a command instrument, FMOD dies.

Since I know this could simply be a bug, I’m mostly now curious so I can set my expectations properly.

Bug, or not a feature?Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 5.54.04 PM

Hi C418,

This functionality is currently not supported. We will look to add it in a future version.