Morphing sfx for Sliding bar in character creation screen. Automate volume up only when the bar is sliding

In a character creation screen, there are sliders for… size of head (for example)

I want the slider to make sound only when its moving.

I have a morphing “slide” parameter set up (similar to RPM for car engines)

Is there a way to have the volume automate up ONLY when that parameter is moving?

And when the parameter stops moving, the volume automates down with it?

Would the in built speed parameter work? So the faster the player slides the bar, the louder the volume?

Hope this makes sense.

Yes, of course. You could, for example, have your game’s code set the parameter value (using Studio::EventInstance::setParameterByName, Studio::EventInstance::setParameterByNameWithLabel, or Studio::EventInstance::setParameterByID) when the player starts and stops moving the slider, and use seek speed to ensure the parameter’s value changes as gradually as you need it to.

Automating your volume-controlling parameter on the built-in speed parameter would work, provided you attached the event emitter to the slider’s handle so that it moves when the handle does.

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