Spatialize Position of Scatterer relative to...?


I am pretty new to fmod and mainly working on the Unity integration side, but I have a question regarding the following statement:

Will those offsets always stay relative to the emitter (i.e. moving along when updating the emitter position via set3Dattributes) or are/can they be at a fixed world position?

The later option would be pretty awesome, as we have a fast moving camera including the listener and having sounds passing by would be great!


Hi Jan,

Yes, the offset is always relative to the event emitter, so if the event emitter moves, those spawned scatterer sounds will move with it. If you need events to be at fixed positions in the world, I would suggest using game code to spawn random event instances based on an offset to the listener.

Having spawned scatterer sounds be fixed to the game world is a very interesting idea. I’ve passed this suggestion onto our API department to consider for future versions.


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