Multi Instrument: Select random and keep looping

Hi. I have 8 audio files in a multi instrument. Upon activation of the event, I want it to randomly select one of the 8 audio files and loop it, until it is destroyed. I don’t want it to loop randomly between the different 8 files, but select randomly upon calling, and then stay on the randomly selected loop.
How would I do that?

Enable the loop in each sample of the playlist, instead of looping the playlist. You’ll need to do this separately for every sample in the playlist.


When you have all the audio files selected in a multi instrument and then click that loop button there should be a feature implemented that loops all the selected audio files.

When working every day on FMOD and having to loop audio a lot, this task gets super tedious.

I might email someone about this tomorrow.

Bulk edit of playlist entry loop mode? I can see how that would be useful. I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.


Exactly. Awesome, thank you - I appreciate all your help recently!