Multichannel hardware output routing

How do I set up routing of channels in a 5.1 mix to individual outputs on an audio interface?

I plan to use an external pro audio device, not a consumer unit that supports standard surround

Could you describe in more detail what you’re trying to do? Each channel of a channel format is separate and distinct, so if your device can play each channel it receives separately, it should just be a matter of ensuring the correct content is routed to each channel in FMOD Studio by using a combination of sends and channel mix effects.

Hi Joseph

I’m probably missing something obvios but I don’t see how to access these hardware output channels for routing. For testing I have an A&H Zedi10 mixer / usb interface that has 2x stereo i/o. I’ve selected it’s ASIO driver in the prefs.

I’d like to, as a test, set up a 4 channel mix using those 4 outputs. Could you point me towards how I address each of those channels?

I also don’t see how the metering channel order in the prefs bears any relation to my interface. Is it important?


Either create your source assets such that content you want output to the first channel is only present on the first channel, content you want to output to the second channel is only present on the second, and so on - or, alternatively, create all your assets as mono files, set the track output to surround 4.0 to ensure the signal is distributed across all channels, and then use a channel mix effect to mute specific channels such that they only receive the appropriate content.

That fulfills the requirements you’ve specified so far - though of course, if there are other requirements you haven’t mentioned, a different approach may be necessary.

The metering channel order only affects the left-to-right order in which channel meters are displayed in FMOD Studio, and has no effect on audible output.