Multiple FMOD_StudioSystem instances generated

Hello I found a strange behaviour in Unity 5.2.0f3 with Fmod Studio 1.06.07 integration plugin that looks like a bug:

Everytime I start the game in the Unity Editor, a new FMOD_StudioSystem is created in the scene.
The problem is that when I stop the game that object is not deleted, so everytime I click on Play in the Unity Editor a new FMOD_StudioSystem is istanciated.
I figure out I have about 10 FMOD_StudioSystem in my unity scene, this of course burn system resources and may have other undesiderable side effect

There’s something we can do to avoid this issue?
Thank you for your help

Do you have any components that are executing FMOD related code during OnDestroy()?

Yes I found a component with some Stop Sound code there
We moved it to OnDisable() and now everything seems to work


Another solution is to use the Script Execution Order within Unity to move FMOD_StudioSystem after all the other scripts.

This will have the additional benefit of moving the FMOD_StudioSystem’s update after all other component updates which can help reduce latency of commands.