Multiple lights


We are working on a project for mobile. There are around 40-50 fluorescent lights and a quick thing to do was for me to add an event emitter with attenuation to the light prefab which works and sounds really good. However, as this is for mobile we don’t have loads of memory to play with and I was wondering if there’s a way only to play a single or a few instances of them at any given time. I’ve tried local and global parameters hooked up to the volume but then realised the audio would still be playing and it’s still eating away at the memory. I’ve also tried to minimise the instances down to 10 but then only 10 random lights will have the event/instance playing.

Does anyone know how to just play a few at a time with the min instances swapping around to different lights when you get near? Or play a single event across all of them instead of triggering all at once?

Thank you in advance

FMOD’s built-in virtual voice behavior should take care of this automatically. Are the list event emitters spatialized or subject to any kind of distance-based volume attenuation?

Hello Joseph,

Yes all the light events have spatialization . I’ve currently setup individual event triggers in the lights prefabs to turn on and off the event which have helped though

In that case, FMOD’s virtual voice system should automatically virtualize any event instance that moves so far from the listener that they become inaudible, preventing it from consuming resources until it becomes audible again. Is this not conserving sufficient resources for your project’s needs?