Max instances of an event macro not working


In my level the light-bulb event seems to take up all voices available although I limited the sound in the event macro.

I have got a simple setup.I have multiple of lights in a level. I attached 3d Fmod event as a component to a light blueprint. In the event macro within FMOD I set Max instances to 1 and steling property to quietest with the idea that only the light close do the player would be played. However, it seems that all of them are being played despite of this setup.

Could you explain to me what I am doing wrong?


Unfortunately, we can’t identify the cause of this issue without more information.

How are you triggering the light-bulb event (or the blueprint to which it is attached)?

What form of spatialization and attenuation does your light-bulb event use?

What is your light-bulb event’s priority?

When you say that all the voices are being taken up, how are you determining that?

How many voices does each light-bulb event instance use? (It can easily be more than one if the event contains multiple instruments, a scatterer instrument, or logic that causes an instrument to be triggered repeatedly.)