How to use more than 8 Listeners


In my project, I want to use more than 8 Listeners (because of some special requirements, I do need more Listeners), is there a way to do it without considering performance, But FMOD limits me to only 8 Listeners.

Is there a particular reason you require more than 8 listeners? It is limited to 8 listeners as that’s the usual max number of players in single screen multiplayer games, after which it would become rather chaotic. Could you provide a use case for needing more than 8 listeners rather than having a system of moving out-of-range listeners to different positions?

In my project, a host outputs to more than 8 displays at the same time, which means that there will be more than 8 users who use input devices to operate at the same time, and they use headphones to hear the sound of their own position, I use FMOD Collect the audio data (One User One Listener, Like Cloud Game?) , that can be heard in their respective locations, and use a custom method to push it to the corresponding user’s headset for playback. So is there a way to ignore the screen size and user number, direct use more than 8 Listeners in the same game process, without considering the negative effects.

I think it’s important to understand how multiple listeners work.

When more than one listener is used, calculations are used that will “balance” out the volume and panning based on each speakers position and orientation. This final mix is then output to the audio device of choice. There currently isn’t a way to use a single FMOD system to output multiple different listeners’ 3D positions to different output devices. Multiple listeners are more used in “coach multiplayer” games where there are multiple players connected to a single device watching the same screen.

You can read more about how multiple listeners work in our documentation:

An alternative to what you are trying to achieve could be to have multiple game machines all connected to each other via a LAN setup, much like a traditional LAN multiplayer game.

I just want to know how to use more than 8 Listeners

Even if you had more than 8 listeners, there is no way to output what each listener “hears” to 8+ individual headphones.

The answer to your question is use multiple FMOD System. But I will need to load multiple times your bank and find a way to sync all events on each FMOD System.