Multiple outputs on a single event

Hi guys.
I’m building a system where you enter on a village (music starts playing) and then there are multiple bards along the village, simulating to play the song.
So… what i’m failing to do is to emulate the spatialization of each specific instrument.
Is there a way where the same event has multiple outputs along the scene on Unity?

Thank you!
ps: sorry about my english. i’m from brazil.

I think you can achieve your described behaviour by using the Transceiver effect:

  1. For each instrument, insert a Transceiver effect into the track. Set the Mode to Transmit and choose an unique Channel. If all the tracks will be played by bards, then turn down the master volume, otherwise insert a Gain effect after each Transceiver effect and turn it down, so that the instrument doesn’t play in the main Event.

  2. Create a 3D Event for each instrument and also insert a Transceiver effect into the audio track. Select the Receive Mode and the Channel corresponding to the instrument in your main music Event. Make sure to have a Spatializer Effect in the Master Track.

  3. Position and play each Event at the bard that actually should play that specific instrument. Play your music Event as usual.

If I remember correctly, your music will play and the single instruments will be spatialized according to the bard’s positions.

Yep. This solved my problem. Thank you, @alexzzen!

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile: