Play same instance at different places


I want to know if it is possible to have the same instance (not same event) playing at multiple points in space. As if there was some kind of portal from one emitter to another. I can’t just play different instances of the same event because I need to have a random offset on my event loop but I also need some of my instance to be exactly the same at different point in space.

Transceiver? How EXACTLY do I use the transceiver plugin?

In my case several instances of the same event are playing at the same time. So I guess that the receiver would receive all of the instances. I could use a parameter that would send each instance to a different channel based on a int defined in-game tho. It gets a bit complex to implement, but I don’t see any better option.

As Johanenglund say, a transciever effect is the correct tool for this.

No. This will only happen if all your event instances contain both transmitting transceivers and receiving transceivers, but you don’t need that.
Create two events:

  • One event with your event’s audio-producing instruments, its master track fader set to -oo dB, and a pre-fader transceiver effect set to transmit.
  • One event that contains no instruments, any spatializing effects you want the event to have, and a transceiver effect set to receive.

Create one instance of the first event, and many instances of the second event. The instance of the first event will never produce any audible output of its own, but all the instances of the second event will pick up the signal and play them from their respective locations.

Think of it like one radio station and a bunch of radios: You can hear radio station’s broadcast from any radio, but you can’t hear the broadcast by listening at the radio station’s soundproofed door, and the radios don’t broadcast competing signals to each other.