Music File not found on Mac?

Hey there.

Well, I’ve been trying to port my MonoGame project to Linux and Mac, and while I did managed to port the linux version without any problems, the on the mac version, everytime I try to load a .ogg file (or any file) I get an ERR_FILE_NOTFOUND as result. As I’m not used to the Mac file system, I’ve tried a handful of things as adding an additional “/” at the start of the relative path, replacing all ‘/’ with ‘\’ and another handful of guesses but to no avail. I’ve also took extra care in checking if the file is in the right folder and if the path is correct.

EDIT: I have implemented FMOD 5 in hope that this was a FMOD 4 bug.

If anyone have any information on that matter I would sure love to know.

You should try to load a file (any file) with something other than FMOD so you can work out what path you need to provide. When you’re successfully able to load a file independent of FMOD, come back to your FMOD/OGG problem.

Well, the problem is that only FMOD is giving me this problem, I can load any other file just fine, streams, text files, textures… I can even load the file with File.ReadAllBytes and File.Exists tells me that the file indeed exist, with exactly the path as FMOD is saying that the file does not exist.

Have you tried running one of the FMOD example programs that ship with the FMOD API? Can you modify one to get it to load your OGG file?