Need Help on evolutive music


I need help to understand how evolutive music work, i use the 2d game kit “the explorer” with unity to train this and there is my problem:

u start on the 1st zone then u go to zone 2 wich is like a hub where u can go on zone 3 or 4, the problem is when i created the parameter it goes like that state 1 then 2,3,4…

BUT the player follow this path 2>3>2>4 and i want the music to crossfade between 4 and 2 the issue is the 3 stands between these 2 states how can i manage the music doing a crossfade between 4 and 2

one last thing the music needs to be synchronized between zones so i choose to go horizontally.

maybe i can set an automation on the strip view ?

Hi! I assume you’re talking about crossfading between several mixes which should stay strictly synchronous, by the use of a continuous parameter automation, with seek speed enabled.

What you describe is indeed a missing functionality of FMOD: the possibility to add a seek speed on volume (and other attributes). That way, you’ll be able to use a discrete parameter, or continuous without seek speed on it (it will react instantly, going for instance from 4 to 2, as you want), but the cross fade would still be possible by that volume seek speed.
The more we tell FMOD staff this feature would be great (which I really think), the more are the chances they implement it soon :wink:

However there’s some (a bit cumbersome) workarounds. You can read the answer I gave on that thread, it may give you some leads.

As Alcibiade says, while there are a number of methods that can be used to achieve the behavior you describe, there’s no simple way to smooth the value changes of individual properties automated by a parameter.

I’ve added you to the list of parties who’ve expressed an interest in this feature.