Need help triggering tap event in Unity

(Sajeev Toprani) #1

I am really new to Unity FMOD integration and am doing sound for a mobile game my school is making. I am trying to add a sound for whenever I got all the banks in Unity (I made a bank for every event because I was not sure how to use banks. Is that proper or bad?) and now I added the FMOD_Listener to the main camera as well as FMOD_StudioEventEmitter to the Touch Prefab in the Assets folder for the game as well at put in the appropriate path. When I start the game, I don’t hear the sound I am trying to implement. Any help would be appreciated.

Also there are two particle system assets in the same folder that allows me to add a component. Should I be placing the sound on one of these?

(Nicholas Wilcox) #2

I’ve not familiar with the Touch Prefab you’re referring to. But if you aren’t using the “Start Event On Awake” checkbox on the FMOD_StudioEventEmitter then you need to use code to start an event.