Negative parameter minimum value indefinitely spawns virtual voices


I’m using a number of events that all play at the same time (Fmod 1.07.03). I’ve noticed that some of my sounds got stolen after a while. It turns out the culprit is one event, which has an input parameter with a range of -5…+5.

When using a range with a negative minimum value, FMod Studio displays the parameter scrollbar incorrectly; it is shifted towards the right, and only starts at the center of the GUI, instead of at the left side (I can post an image if this is not clear).

The seems indicative of a bigger problem when using such an event later on: the number of virtual voices keeps increasing when I use a non-zero input to that parameter. Only using positive inputs also does not fix the problem.

Do parameters allow negative inputs at all? Currently it seems a bug, and I’d rather wait for an updated FMod rather than splitting my event in a negative and positive event.

Event parameters allow whatever range you setup in Studio. Negative values are definitely supported. A parameter range of -5…+5 ought to be fine.

I’m not sure what is going on in your case, but I would be grateful if you could send an image of the GUI to We will follow up by email.

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Regarding the display issues with parameters that begin with a negative value, this has been fixed in FMOD Studio 1.07.04.

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Thank you very much, I’ve updated to FMod Studio 1.07.07 and that has fixed both the problem with the negative parameter display issues, and it also seems to have fixed the usage of voices going out of control! :slight_smile:

Ah, I was cheering too soon, the problem is still there at runtime. I had done a test where I replaced the event with a known good one, and then it works ok. After reverting back to the offending event, the problem is back. :frowning: