Nested Event behaviour

I’m having to rely on an sdk built in v1.80.12, so I understand if this issue might be severely outdated, if in fact it is an issue.

The behavior of the same sample seems different if placed as a single sound or within a nested event referenced to it’s parent when going through a reverb zone. While the single sound behaves as expected given it’s attributes, the nested one sounds much larger and wetter in it’s reverb, resulting in an almost boomy duplicate in the background.

I wonder if there’s anything I might have missed routing wise, but as far as I can tell it routes directly to the parent without any open sends etc, as it should.


Unfortunately, FMOD Studio 1.08.12 is no longer supported. Given the version and the contents of the project, I assume you’re modding the Assetto Corsa project? I would recommend getting in touch with the Assetto Corsa modding community and seeing whether they can be of assistance.

Hi Louis,

appreciate the fast response!

Yes indeed, that’s for AssettoCorsa. Given there’s only a handful of us modders that go beyond the possibilities of the default template, knowledge and experience is quite sparse in that regard, that’s my impression at least.

I was hoping to find a solution within the project itself because it seems to absurd to me, but I can understand that it may be a combination of the integration and the fact it’s severly outdated.

Thanks anyways!