Unity not play or stop play events after several tme.

Hello. We are use a FMODStudio 1.09.03, 1.09.03 v2 Unity FMOD plugin, and GearVR.
Problem :
In Unity 3D editor (no matter FMOD or plugin version) all sounds played correct and all events work fine.

But when we start game in Gear VR some events not played or played at half size & some events cease after several time (random).

After update FMOD plugin from version 1.08.15 to 1.09.02 everything works perfect with sounds and events (in Gear VR and Unity 3D editor) but the game suddenly crash (random).

Today we update plugin ( FMODStudio 1.09.03, 1.09.03 v2 Unity FMOD plugin) but still have the same problem that we had in 1.08.15 version. But now events stoped earlier, more events not played.

For playe event we use the standart StudioEventEmitter. In some objects we attach Emitter several times to one GameObject.

Do you have any idea what we can do to fix this problem?