New Ex?

Hi there, will FMOD Studio require our programmers to incorporate a new Ex system into our engine?
Just curious if it will run on the existing Ex or not, meaning FMOD Studio is just the new creative software. Thanks!

Oh also I know you guys are saying that Studio will let us create, add, edit and mix all live in-game, but I just want to clear any confusion about the specifics of what this means.
So, I can have my game running, and if I decide to create a new event, something that has not been programmed in yet(?), I can simply create the new multitrack event, and the engine knows how to incorporate it> I hope its that simple, but I’m finding it hard to understand how that communication is made. Thanks for any clarification!

Yes, there will be a new API to accompany FMOD Studio.

All actions in the tool will be mirrored inside the game. This includes everything from event creation and adding new waveforms to tweaking curve points.

This is a very interesting question. We will provide notifcations for the programmer for object creation, but we cannot incorporate the new event into the game without additional information from the user.

We envision a couple of possible workflows for using this feature. The first would involve the game’s editor. The programmer would use the event creation notification to expose the new event in the editor.The user can then attach that new event to a game object. An alternative workflow would be to create a bunch of empty events and hook them up to the game, then they could populate those empty events with content while playing the game.

Do you think those workflows would work for you?

First, thank you for the very speedy reply, I appeciate that.
I understand your responses and yes I think both of those workflows work very well.
I’m working on the Source 2007 engine, so I’m hoping that will still work with all of Studios awesome new features. Source doesn’t have a very intricate editor, so I feel your alternative workflow will function best in my particular situation.

Another workflow is to use the game’s scripting engine or console (like quake console) if it has one, and hook new stuff up from there while the game is running.

Will FMOD Studio still be supported on Valve’s Source Engine?
More specifically Valve’s “Source SDK Base 2007”?
(The current FMOD works for it)

We have nothing to do with that integration so I’ll say no at this point. Its up to whoever did it to update it to studio.

Thx for the heads up. I don’t know much of anything about the code-end of this stuff, so I will pass this to the people who need to know it, in order for Studio to function for us Source Engine 2007 modders.