new Features in Studio 1.07: Occlusion, 3Dception

so i’m delighted to see the new 1.07 version of Fmod Studio.

So am i getting this right:

  • the 3Dception Plugin is now somehow coming with Fmod, but i need to license it just like before when i would just license the Plugin. So not much of a change, i had to pay for it before (that’s fine of course), i still have to pay for it now, it’s not like it’s coming with Fmod for free? Where’s the actual change (besides marketing it on Fmods website)?
  • there’s occlusion / obstruction filtering in Fmod now. Or is it just occlusion? Is there just a filter now on signals that have an object in the way? Or is there also the calculation of indirect sound signals, ie diffuse reflection around an object that’s in the way?

Thank you!

3Dception was not available before for FMOD, now it is, that’s the difference. Its not a matter of licensing, it is the fact that there was no FMOD plugin at all before.

I assume you’re talking about 3dception’s occlusion filtering? That’s not a feature we added, there’s no mention of occlusion in 1.07 release notes. FMOD low level has always had occlusion for years btw, which is filtering based on geometry/polygon data.

Oh i see :slight_smile: Thank you Brett!

No i meant this:
“FMOD’s run-time engine is the only audio engine that allows you to provide it with polygon data, making the sound automatically occlude and filter as you move through the world.” (from here:

(You’re right, it’s not in the release notes.
I assumed it was new because i hadn’t noticed it before on the FMOD page.)

“FMOD low level has always had occlusion for years btw”
But then i could not use it with Studio events, right? Has that changed by now?

Its true, but we are planning to hook up geometry with events in 1.08