occlusion on fmod is no use

I am confused about the way to use occlusion on fmod. After the geometry is added successfully, the occlusion value we get is right, but the volume is not affected.

The version of fmod I use is 1.07.00 as described below.

The Audio resource whose type is FMOD::Studio::Bank are loaded by fmod studio API. Then the low level API can be got through the interface “getLowLevelSystem”.
The geometry is added successfully into the fmod by means of calling low level API, “createGeometry” and “addPolygon”. Here, we set the parameter directocclusion to 1.0 and the parameter reverbocclusion to 1.0 when calling “addPolygon”. And I can get the right occlusion value between listener and audio source through the API “getGeometryOcclusion”. However, nothing happen.

The geometry is added and the right occlusion is got, but the volume of the audio do not change. It is unresonable. I do not know whether something more should be done. For example, set the audio to support occlusion in fmod tools or set which audio should react to the occlusion. Anybody can tell me why?

The link as below is about the same question but I am not sure whether it is true.


Currently FMOD Studio events are not affected by low level geometry, but should be in 1.09. FMOD Geometry occludes low level channels and channelgroups only at the moment.