No audio with integration version 2.00.02

I had a project running successfully with 1.x, but with 2.x I am unable to even setup a very basic integration project.

I created a simple project in FMOD Studio 2 with one TestEvent that contains one audio track that I want to trigger in Unity.

In Unity, I created a new scene, attached the FMOD listener and created an object that I put in front of the camera, 1 unit away with an event emitter. The trigger is set to Object.Start.

When I hit play, there are no errors, not even warnings, I set the log level to LOG and see a bunch of messages, even how the audio track is being loaded and it pretends that the emitter is in state “Playing”.

FMODs debug overlay displays “Channels: real 1,total 1”, both is zero if I disable the emitter before pressing Play, but there is just no audible sound. The debug overlay displays VOLUME: RMS = -80,00db which indicates that there is nothing played back indeed.

When I use the event browser, select the event and press play there, the event is playbed back just fine.

I tried various things, also cranked up all gains in FMOD Studio to the max and re-exported, nothing.

Any ideas? I guess I’m missing a rather obvious step that may have changed in FMOD 2. Any help is highly appreciated.



Are you able to test a similar setup in the FMOD Studio Sandbox?

If you cannot hear the sound then maybe the attenuation isn’t set up, if you disable the panner and rebuild the banks (making it a 2D sound) can you hear it in Unity?