Since 2021.2.5f1: I hear Nothing

Hello there. Before writing to this forum I have try, debug a lot but with no luck. Here is my situation. So my setup is the following:
Mac OSX 11.6.1.
FMOD Studio 2.01.12 64bits Build # 120076
FMOD Unity Integration 2.01.11
Unity 2021.2.5f1

Ok, since I upgraded to 2021.2.5f1, I cannot hear anything. Try to isolate the problem with clean scene : Load MasterBank / Add Listener to camera / Fire an event in my bank… Nothing…

But if I connect FMOD Studio Profiler, I see the sound being played.

Also, I enable full log in Unity FMO Integration and yes, I see the event being processed.

Now, where I go wrong in my method, what did I miss ?

P.S. Yes I rebuild my project… :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.

Martin P.

Maybe you muted the editor by clicking on the little speaker icon in the scene view toolbar?

@alexzzen : Shame on me, effectlvely, in game view, the MuteAudio was enabled. Well, I learn a lesson today… Thanks again.