Volume is at -80db, debug shows sounds are playing

Hey all, very frustrating issue. Having the same issue as this thread: No audio with integration version 2.00.02

None of my sounds are playing, I’ve tried both 2D and 3D sounds (it’s a 2d project). I’ve tried playing with an event emitter, playing one shots through script, putting an event listener on the camera. I’ve run through the FMOD Setup manual a few times now just in case I missed something. Nothing is working.

I can hear the sounds just fine in FMOD and the Unity event browser, and it even shows that they are playing in-game (with the fmod debug), but the volume is staying at -80db. Please help!

I am having a similar issue. Would love to find a fix for this.

Wow… I had “Mute Audio” enabled…


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