Fmod low level with Unity: FMOD Studio project path not set

Hi. I’m trying to make my first steps with fmod in Unity.
I feel much more confident with the code as I would with FMOD Studio, so I decided to give a try to the low level API.

I installed fmodstudio11014_v2.unitypackage, and then Unity complains about the FMOD Studio project path not being set.

If found an answer mentionning that

To use the low-level only you would remove every file apart from the native library files and the files under Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Wrapper

But it seems I’ve removed too much, as Unity now complains “The type or namespace name ‘FMODUnity’ could not be found”.

What are the native library files that should be kept?
Thanks. :wink:


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After running some tests, I think I may have found the solution.
But if someone knows a better way, I would be pleased to hear it! :wink:

When importing fmodstudio11014_v2.unitypackage, simply unselect Plugins\Editor\FMOD.


If you just want to use the FMOD API, as you mentioned, you can remove all the files apart from the wrapper files and the libs for the required platform/s.