No sound in play mode


When I am in play mode in Untiy, I don’t hear any sound over my speakers. For this project I work a lot with the Unity Timeline, and outside of play mode, when I play the timeline, I do hear the audio playing.

Does anyone know what could go wrong here? I assumed it was because of an different output device, but I checked this and this is not the case, I think. The weirdest part is that it does seem to work fine with my colleague.

In a build, I don’t have the issue, and it works fine.

Are there any errors being logged in the console? Can you attach Live Update to the Unity project and record a profiler session? There might be something being missed.

There are no errors or warnings. Everything is running correctly, but no sound. The profiler shows that the events are loaded and running, but it stays at -80dB. Do you know how to fix this?

Ok so this was the solution:
No audio with FMOD in Unity Editor? It may be muted - Unity - FMOD Forums

I am dead now :’)