Scattered sound and 2D

I’ve created an event for a score counter for UI in a 2D game, based on scattered sound.
I’ve removed the 3D panner, but the sound still behave like a 3D sound in Unity and is attenuated when i move away. Other 2D sound, when not using scattered sounds, works correctly.
What am I doing wrong here ?
Thank you

As soon as I remove the scattered sound from the event, it’s working correctly again, but it seems that scattered sound force the event to be 3D. The event stay 2D in the unity inspector though. Is it a bug, or something I misanderstood ?

To make your scatterer sound module act as a completely 2D sound, set both the Min and Max Scatter Distance to 0.

Scatterer Distance works by randomizing the position of a sound within an area and applying distance-based attenuation to that sound via an internal 3D Panner, so it effectively makes an event 3D the same way that a 3D Panner on the master track does.