Non-spatialized radius for 3d sound

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to adjust the non-spatialized radius of sounds as it is done in Unreal Engine?
I need that in the inner radius, a sound becomes non-spatial, but in the falloff radius, the sound becomes spatial again. How does it make?

If you simply increase the Size of a Spatialized sound, it behaves this way - when you are inside the sphere radius, it spreads to all speakers and becomes essentially 2D. You can adjust the Size separately if you switch the Envelopment mode to User.

The second way to do this is to open the Pan Override section of the Spatializer and automate the Mix knob by distance, so that it goes to 100% when you are closer to the event. The sound then becomes 2D when you are near it, but goes back to spatialized as you go further away.

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I will try it, thanks a lot!