NullReferenceException - Unity Project Being Moved

Hey guys,

I’m getting null references every time our Unity project is pushed and pulled to and from git source control. We all work on the game on separate computers, so this is non-negotiable. These happen whenever the project is opened and attempted to build on any other computer than whoever the last person to push the working audio was.

It looks like the FMOD scripts are losing the paths to the events in the FMODAssets folder because for some reason, they’re being saved as absolute paths (so says the Unity debug log). Is there a way around this? Some kind of update function, or has someone redone the FMOD plugin source code to use relative paths instead? I need to be able to have this project source-controlled and loaded (and functional) on several different computers.

This is a general problem with not syncing the Unity project with your source control properly.