On timeline marker issues in streaming levels

When unchecking and then checking the bool “shouldbeVisible” on a streaming level at runtime, containing an Actor with an FMODAudiocomponent, the on timeline markers stop working.

The issue appeard with an update to UE 4.24, but I have reproduced the same issue in 4.22 with a new empty UE project, and a empty new FMOD project.

Timeline Callbacks are enabled, and the callbacks works as intended before the bool toggling.

Way to reproduce:

  1. Create a Persistent-Level with a sublevel.
  2. In the sublevel, place an actor with a FMODComponent with an event containing timeline callbacks.
  3. Enable timeline callbacks for the FMODComponent
  4. Create the event On Timeline Marker (rightclicking component, add event).
  5. Print the timeline marker to verify if it is triggered.
  6. From the persistent level, play the FMOD Event in the actor that resides in the streaming level (I use remote event). The markers work as intended.
  7. Toggle the “shouldbeVisible” bool, and play the Event again. Now, the markers do not work (the audio plays though)

Temp. workaround is to respawn the actors…

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Dont seem to be able to edit the post any-longer.

The problem DOES NOT occur in 4.22. I used the wrong plugin-version (2.00.07 plugin for 2.00.00 editor version), which led to the same issue mentioned above.

Is this still an issue for you?

Yes, this is still an issue. We are using a workaround at the moment. Did you manage to recreate it on your part?