Timeline Marker name is empty when getting from call back

Previously we could get the names of any Timeline marker from a callback but now it always returns an empty string “”.
The names are still present in fmod and the rest of the audio is built properly so it is unclear where the problem is.

Have you recently moved to a later version of the FMOD Unity Integration? If so, could you please provide the following information:

  • Version of FMOD Unity Integration you previously had
  • Version of FMOD Unity Integration you have now
  • Version of FMOD Studio your banks were created with
  • Unity version

If you haven’t migrated to a different FMOD version, perhaps there was a change in your code or FMOD Studio Project. If either of those were in version control you could try rolling back to a previous version where the callbacks were working and doing a comparison of your changes.

I’ve verified our scripting example for Timeline Callbacks is behaving as expected in the latest version of the FMOD Unity Integration so definitely have a look at that if you haven’t already. Would you mind sharing a code snippet of your callback and how you are setting it?