One event only work 1 of 20 times we start our game

Hallo! I’m currently working on a game in a group of 12 people. We use fmod for all sounds, and we have a odd problem with one event.

We use a in house game engine named Tengine that only support fmod versions up to 1.10.04. So we use fmod studio 1.10.04.

To the problem:
One event sound don’t work all the time when we start our game. If it work at startup it will work as long the game is running. If that event don’t work at startup it will not work at all and the game needs to be restarted several times (10 - 30 times) before it will work. This problem only occurs with this specific event that the picture illustrate.


The information I have about the problem is probably very light and not enough but I’m giving this a try anyway.

Are you able to get any of the FMOD logging from the engine?
This would be the best thing to check first as it will likely highlight any issues.