"Open in browser" button does not work if event name is empty

FMOD unity integration 2.02.09

Clicking the “Open in browser” button in the EventReference drawer has no effect when the event name field is empty.

P.S. Please allow mp4 video attachments in future, I made a video demonstrating this issue. You only permit gif, which is a very large and outdated format.


That is expected behaviour - “Open in Browser” highlights the location of the currently selected event in the Event Browser. If there is no event selected, then nothing will be highlighted in the Event Browser.

Also, you should be able to attach mp4 video, as long as the filesize is less than 4MB.

With that said, is there any specific reason you’re trying to search for an event using the browser and not the search window?

Alright, well it would be really cool if we could change the audio event from this view, as it’s often useful to preview the sounds before selecting them.

If that is a problem it could help to disable the “open in browser” button when there is no value in the field.


Ah, I can attach the video. Not sure why I had issues with it before. My bad!

whispers I quietly enabled MP4 uploads when I saw you saying it didn’t work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve added both to our feature/improvement tracker.

lol cheeky