Unity Integration v2 Event Browser Feedback


FMOD v1.07.06 Using Unity Integration v2:

Event Browser Feedback:

  1. Allow the search field to have text pasted into it
  2. Its nice that double-clicking the path in the event preview pane copies it to the clipboard, but it should really be an explicit button that lets the user know they can do this since the text field cannot be highlighted and copied. Double-clicking the text field is a bit cryptic.
  3. If I click the search button on an EventRef field with an event path already assigned it would be more efficient to bring up the event hierarchy window with the currently assigned event selected in the window with its folder path unfolded.
  4. It would be nice if I click the search button on an EventRef field the select event window shows the event preview pane like the event browser. Alternatively have an easy button to bring up the event in the event browser on the EventRef inspector. (same behavior for BankRef fields)


Thanks for the suggestions Shawn.

These will all find there way into the next major release, with the exception of showing the preview pane in the EventRef picker. This is being changed to show as a drop down window so there’s not enough space to include the preview pane.