Opening PLS or M3U doesnt seem to work in Unity Plugin

I have this code working with the older FMOD EX API, AND, I have this working in C++ with a straight 1:1 translation of function calls.

WHen I try it in Unity, it seemingly opens the stream, sets the “open state” to Ready, but on an immediate read of the format throws an ERR_FILE_EOF.

result = music.getOpenState(out openstate, out percentbuffered, out starving, out busy);

if (openstate == FMOD.OPENSTATE.READY)
    int dead1 = 0;
    int dead2 = 0;
    FMOD.SOUND_TYPE soundtype;
    FMOD.SOUND_FORMAT refSoundFormat;
    result = music.getFormat(out soundtype, out refSoundFormat, out dead1, out dead2);
    ERRCHECK(result);  <-- prints out that the stream is ERR_FILE_EOF and not ready?!

Again, same code, more or less 1:1 in C++ (pointers, etc...) works perfectly fine to parse the urls (e.g.):


Note that if I stick the raw URL to the MP3 or OGG it also works fine, just not on .pls or .m3u resources anymore.

Just to clarify, I have it working with both the older API FMOD EX in C# and I have it working with the new studio API examples in C++.

Just not with the Unity plugin version in C#.

Buehler? Acknowledged bug? Anything?

Seriously? Are we not supposed to post questions for answers here? 1.5 months and not even an acknowledgement this is a bug, incorrect code? nothing?

Again, works 100% in C++ version, c# wrapper wont play PLS/M3U announcement streams, but will play the raw URLs.