Option to not load last project (Feature Request?)


I don’t think this is supported, at least I didn’t find an option :slight_smile:

Loading the last project sure is convenient for the most part, but it would be nice to be able to disable this.

I’m often working on several FMOD projects and if the projects get big it’s a wee bit tedious starting the day with FMOD Studio 1st opening the last project you’ve worked on so you’re able to load the one you want to work on :slight_smile:

<3 thanks, Michael

In the “Interface” tab of the preferences dialog, you’ll see a setting called “On start-up,” under which are three radio buttons:

  • Open welcome dialog
  • Open most recent project
  • Open new project

The first option is the default, so you must have changed this setting to the second option at some point. Clicking a different option will prevent FMOD Studio from automatically loading the last open project when launched.

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Thanks a log Joseph! I totally missed this.

Sorry you had to spend time typing this answer :sweat_smile: :pray: