Override Transition Timeline

I have a few fairly long transition regions (4 bars in length) that need to be overridden by a parameter wanting to jump instantly, but can’t seem to make them instantly jump if it has started a transition timeline. Is there any way of overriding the transition timeline once triggered?

I’m also interested in the answer, I’ve also noticed we’re like “stuck” inside transition timelines, after entering it.

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No. Because of the way transitions work under-the-hood, the playback position cannot begin a transition when it’s already part-way through a transition. As such, the only way in which the playback position can exit a transition timeline is to reach its end; it is not possible to “cancel out” of a transition timeline early.

The closest alternative is to avoid entering the transition timeline in the first place. Create two transition markers (or transition regions) at the same timeline position, give only one of them a transition timeline, and use a parameter condition to control which one is followed when the timeline playback position arrives at those markers.