Transitions within Transitions

I am not a beginner I am an intermediate.

I wish to be able to transition (at any stage) to the ‘death sequence’ we’ll say, but I also have transitions within the current sequence… I can’t seem to transition to the Death Seq without having to wait until the transition is complete…

The way I have it at the moment is with a Transition region above the sequence which will auto transition instantly whenever lives are at zero…

Any idea how to work around this? Maybe it’s quite simple but I’ve stumped myself!

I’d greatly appreciate the response.

Are you using transition timelines, or just transition regions and markers that do not have transition timelines?

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I am using transition regions.

What do you mean by “having to wait until the transition is complete?” If you’re not using transition timelines, all transitions should be instantaneous.

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Yes I meant the region within the timeline.

I’m afraid I do not understand the problem from your description of it. What happens when you place a transition marker in the region defined by a transition region?

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I can’t (on my version FMOD) place a transition within a transition timeline… since posting this i have found a work around that resolves it.

Above you said that you’re not using transition timelines, only transition regions. Assuming that this was an error and that you are using transition timelines, I should mention that you cannot begin an new transition inside an ongoing transition timeline. One possible workaround is to duplicate the transition timeline’s contents on a region of the main timeline, and to transition to and from it using instantaneous transitions.

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