Package not showing up in the Package Manager

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

My name is Artem and we are now starting to use the FMOD for Unity. We are planning to actively use it, thus I am sure we will stay in touch in this Forum.

I am having trouble with the Package Manager. After successfully importing a package from the Package Manager, it does not show up as of one of the packages that has been added in the “In Project” tab of the Package Manager.

If I go to my assets and select your package it offers me to import it again. The files that it recognizes as new can be seen on the attached screenshot. If I import again, nothing changes.

Hopefully we can figure this out. Thanks in advance.

Hi Artem, what version of FMOD are you using? Have you downloaded the FMOD for Unity package from the Unity package manager / asset store or from our website?


I have tried both the asset store and your website.

We are using 2.02.04

We are also using Unity 2020.3.24f1

Oh I think I see what’s going on after re-reading this; the files in the “staging” section are moved after import and should be located in Assets/Plugins/FMOD/platforms. This is intended behavior and shouldn’t cause any issues. Is the FMOD integration otherwise behaving as expected?

Other than that, it seems like everything works as intended.
So are you saying that it is intended for it not to show up in the Package Manager?

Those files that are marked “new” are going to be new every time and that is just a side effect of the way we import the package.
As for the package not showing up in the “In Project” list, I think maybe to simplify setup we aren’t creating a registry and adding to the packages list. I can see how it’s confusing and gives the impression that FMOD didn’t import successfully, so I’ll make a suggestion to the Dev team to work out a way to add the imported package to the “In Project” list.

Okay, thanks.

Yeah it would be nice to have it there, for obvious reasons (keeping track of versions, updating the package, removing the package)

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