Unable to import FMOD Package.

Alright I’m an audio guy trying to understand Unity and having a hard time of it. I’m following along with the Survival Shooter tutorials but for some reason after importing the FMOD asset package in to Unity, saving, quitting, and reloading, the “FMOD” menu tab at the top disappears. Before I upgraded everything to the current version, when I tried to re-import the fmod integration package, I got an error saying it couldn’t be imported because all the assets already existed in the project. Now when I try to re-import I notice that about 85% of the assets in the package have their boxes unticked, and are greyed-out and un-tickable. Even when I click “All” they remain unable to import.

Max OS 10.11.6
Unity 2017.1.03f.personal
FMOD 1.09.06

I don’t think Unity 2017.1 is supported by fmod yet. You’ll have to use Unity 5.6.

Otherwise, make a new project from scratch and import the survival shooter assets and the fmod package into that.

That being said, I have a project right now that I’m using Unity 2017.1 in. I’ll try implementing fmod in and see if it works.