Parameter condition not working in Unity

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to implement a simple ‘rain’ parameter to my ambience event,
0 - rain turned down, 1 - rain turned up.

In Fmod everything works fine. In Unity, however, the parameter seems to be totally ignored.

In ‘live update’ mode when i turn the parameter to 1 nothing happens, its like the rain sound doesnt exsist when the game is running.

Any ideas?

All the banks are upto date.

Im a composer/sound design guy so i dont know the Unity side of things… i imagine thats possibly where the issue is? But dont want to bother the programmer until i know for sure its not an Fmod thing.

Unity version - 2022.3.5f1
Fmod Studio version - 2.01.11
Fmod intergration - 2.01.11

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


Unfortunately, we no longer support FMOD 2.01. Would it be possible to update to 2.02 and see if the issue continues?

Live Update does not allow you to Local on an event. You will have to change the parameter on the event via code, using a Studio Parameter Trigger or on the Studio Event Emitter itself:
Please note, that these are the 2.02 version of the integration.

Hope this helps!