How to override parameter values during Live Update?

Is there a way with FMOD Studio + Unity to override a current parameter by dragging the slider in FMOD Studio? So I can preview changes before setting a sweet spot.

Including in a case where the parameter isn’t yet hooked up to and being controlled from code, but I want the parameter for the benefit of quick “macro” tweaking (e.g., it’s mapped to multiple automation lanes".

I know that there is a NON-Live Update “Initial Parameters Value” where I can set that, but that’s clunky to have to keep playing and stopping the scene.

Yes and no.

Live update is designed to allow you to hear changes you make to your FMOD Studio project in your game. It doesn’t include any ways of changing your game’s state, and doesn’t allow you to override the parameter values (theoretically) set by your game’s state.

However, you can set parameter values for the purposes of auditioning when not connected to your game via live update. Given that your game apparently doesn’t yet have all the triggers and code required to play your FMOD Studio project’s events, auditioning the project without using live update may be appropriate.

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Thanks Joseph. Always a joy to get your advice. So the dilemma I’m facing with this is that we do have events spatialized and moving around in 3D, so gauging them accurately as they rapidly change position without live update is a slog — for the non-parameter stuff I can tweak on-the-fly with live update, it’s going great.

It’s lack of direct access to parameters that’s clunky. Now, as mentioned, I also use parameters in a “macro” sense to control mass automation, currently as a way to set the “sweet spot” initial value… in that respect it’s like using macro knobs on synths to dial in a tone before going deeper… is there anything else viable in-between?


FMOD Studio | The Sandbox sounds perfect for this situation. It allows you to move events around a 3d space while being able to change their parameter values to find the sweet spot.

Hope this helps!

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@Connor_FMOD Thank you, I forgot about the Sandbox. It isn’t ideal because it’s still separate from seeing my actual in-game visuals, but at least is closer for realtime spatialization with parameters!

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