Pausing and Resuming Recording

I’m using CoreSystem.recordStart and recordStop to record the users’ microphone into a sound object.
Now when the game is paused I wanna pause the recording and on unpause resume the recording.

Can I somehow continue recording into the same sound object? I haven’t been able to find a suitable method for this.

Presuming you have released your existing Sound you will need to go through the process of calling System::createSound and System::recordStart on the sound again.

So if I wanna replay the whole recording later (without the pause), I probably gotta keep multiple Sounds around and then replay them one after the other?

I think that is a good solution. You could potentially pause the mixer with System::mixerSuspend and resume it again with System::mixerResume to have an unbroken recording, but that would stop all audio in the system while it’s paused.