Pausing FMOD Channel With Video Playback

I am using Unity’s VideoPlayer component to display a video, while playing the audio for said video through an FMOD channel using the ScriptUsageVideoPlayback component found here:

However, I am finding that in specific cases the audio playback does not pause when the video pauses (it does however stay in sync with the video, and so produces garbled audio that just keeps looping on the same frame)

What would be the best way to force the fmod audio channel to pause when the video does?

I’ve tried muting the channel when the applications focus has been lost, however there are still cases when the audio doesn’t pause, for example when “background” the app on iOS, or when dragging the game window around in the Unity Editor.

Thanks in advance!

In that example script, the only time setPaused is called is when the VideoEnded is called. Depending on how the video gets paused you could make a function that handles pausing/resuming, calling mChannel.setPaused(true/false), and call it when the video is paused/resumed.