Is it possible to play video sound by using FMOD?


We are using FMod on XBox development, we know that Fmod seems conflict with Unity Audio Output on Xbox, so we have to disable Unity Audio output.
The problem is all our videos are silent right now. So I want to know if there is a simple way to play video with sound.

There is no easy built-in way to do this in FMOD Studio’s Unity integration.

Not on xbox, but we have a small video playing in a in-game “television”. We just start a FMOD event containing the video’s audio and the video at the same time. Don’t know if it sync’s well with multiple videos, but it might be worth to try it out :slight_smile:

would it be possible to do it with the low level (ex) api and an AudioSampleProvider (Unity side)?

I’m afraid that’s not something we currently support.