VideoPlayer problem with Unity



we are trying to reproduce a video with audio using FMOD on Unity, and we haven’t be able to do it.

Has someone find a solution for that problem?

Our game have a lot of videos and we need a solution. On NintendoSwitch it’s working fine, because the Videoplayer plugin it’s from Nintendo and does not use FMOD.


Hey, we had the same problem and decided to simply remove the Audio from the videos and manually play the sounds with a separate Audio file then. It works pretty fine - even though I am not sure if it might can get a bit out of sync when the video gets paused often…


We activated the Unity Sound, and now the video player works (we have to use a listener from unity on that scenes).

We know that using fmod & unity sound it’s not a good choice, but our game have a lot of videos and QTE games, and we don’t want to split & sync all of the audios.