VideoPlayer problem with Unity


we are trying to reproduce a video with audio using FMOD on Unity, and we haven’t be able to do it.

Has someone find a solution for that problem?

Our game have a lot of videos and we need a solution. On NintendoSwitch it’s working fine, because the Videoplayer plugin it’s from Nintendo and does not use FMOD.

Hey, we had the same problem and decided to simply remove the Audio from the videos and manually play the sounds with a separate Audio file then. It works pretty fine - even though I am not sure if it might can get a bit out of sync when the video gets paused often…

We activated the Unity Sound, and now the video player works (we have to use a listener from unity on that scenes).

We know that using fmod & unity sound it’s not a good choice, but our game have a lot of videos and QTE games, and we don’t want to split & sync all of the audios.

I have the same issue, and have only been able to resolve it by enabling Unity audio as well. I am unable to find any description of why having both Unity audio and FMOD both active is a bad idea. I know it is recommended to not run both, but does anyone know what the potential bad side effects are? I want to know if I will encounter other potential issues down the road if I use this method.

The problem is that Unity uses an older version of FMOD for its built in audio and some platforms do not work with two audio systems trying to use the same resources.

hi Cameron,

is there an easy/recommended way to play video with audio in Unity when using FMOD with the built-in FMOD disabled? Or does the audio need to be stripped out and manually played/synced with the video?

Thanks for any tips.

After some intestigating it looks like the only platform that requires the built-in Unity audio to be disabled is Xbox One, for other platforms it is recommended to save resources (unless it is required).

hey Cameron, thanks for the info.

So, without another perhaps more complex solution to play and sync video with FMOD audio, using Unity’s internal audio system to play back video with audio might be the way to go.

Basically yes otherwise you would have to go down the route of stripping the audio from the video, playing it through FMOD and keeping it in sync manually.

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Thanks, Cameron. Sounds like a dance to avoid where possible :slight_smile:

Sorry to bring this up again, but since we are going to port our Project to XBox as well, we aren’t able to use the built in audio system for Videos, how could I sync audio played from FMod to video inside Unity? I guess it would actually make sense if you would deliver a replacement (or at least example code) for Unitys Video player to achieve this (similar to how fmod event components replace Unitys audio sources)

Thank you & best wishes