i’m trying to set up perforce within Studio - when I go to the source control window in Studio and type in my server info (which for assembla is but then Studio won’t let me fill out my user name, password or anything else associated with the account or project and I get an immediate “Partner Exited unexpectedly” error. I know that I’ve (finally) got assembla and perforce (p4v client) working together now, but Studio won’t let me finish inputting the information to the project within assembla. is there something I’m missing? thanks

Hi Dren,

Just posting the info that I sent you here on the forum, so others can benefit from the knowledge if they are using Assembla.

It seems like Assembla requires P4HOST to be set to a specify value (it was generated for me when I signed up) instead of the default value (which is the machine name). Studio doesn’t have a input field for P4HOST yet, we should be able to put that in easily. For now, the workaround is to set all the required P4 variables and Studio will use those values as default. I tested this on Windows, but I believe it should work on a Mac as well. In the terminal, run the following commands:

p4 set
p4 set P4HOST=<insert the depot address(P4HOST) of Assembla>
p4 set P4USER=

The password field appears not to work with Assembla either. I am working on a fix at the moment. In the meantime, you can login manually either via terminal command “p4 login” and entering the password when prompt, or via P4V. Booting up Studio after this should give you a valid Perforce setup which allows you to select an existing client workspace.

Hope this helps and let me know if you still have problem connecting to Assembla.


Just to provide a quick update, we have released a new patch release, 1.1.10, which now exposes the “Host” setting that you will need to connect to Assembla. Also, 1.1.10 has been updated with the newer r13.1 version of the Perforce API and now supports streams.