Perforce folder name duplication with wrong capitalisation

We are having a bizarre issue with Fmod’s Perforce integration.

When adding new assets to the project, and subsequently moving to the correct location in the audio bin, Fmod will mark the file for add, but often creates a new folder with the same name, but the first character either capitalised or non-capitalised.

This is causing duplicate folders to be created in the depot, and local files that appear to not be in depot, but are present on HDD.


You can see in the image that there are two Aerial folders and two Env folders, but with different capitalisations.

Is this a known issue, is it user error, is there a way around it, should we be using a particular character encoding?

Thanks for your assistance :slight_smile:

What operating systems are your team using, and what operating system is used by your Perforce server? I ask because Perforce handles paths in a case-insensitive manner on Windows, but handles paths in a case-sensitive manner on UNIX-based operating systems such as macOS, as detailed in this Perforce knowledgebase article.

I suspect you are using a mix of Windows and UNIX operating systems. If so, you should be able to avoid this issue by using entirely lower-case file and folder names, as described in the knowledgebase article I linked in the previous paragraph.

Character encoding should have no bearing on this issue.

Thanks for your reply Joseph. Yes the server is linux based.
Somehow a few folders have a case discrepancy between the folder name in windows and the Fmod Asset bin, so they are given different paths on submit.
Thanks for making me aware of the Perforce article. We will look into resolving!