Perforce and FMOD studio integration

Im am currently trying to hook up perforce and FMOD in a new project.
I have made the connection to work just fine and I can commit the project from within FMOD studio.
The main issue I have is that I have to manually check out the folder I need to build to in perforce, in order to be able to be at all. Otherwise get the error message “Failed to write bank “Master bank” because the build file is locked.”

Now my question is. Is there a work around to make FMOD automatically check in a project folder in perforce, as this seems like a bit of double work to do this manually every time I want to build a project I have been working on.

I am working on a Mac, using Unity, FMOD studio and perforce P4V.

Make sure that the “Enable source control integration for built banks” checkbox is checked in the Source Control tab of the Preferences window. As long as this checkbox is checked, FMOD Studio will automatically check out your banks prior to each build.

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