Performance problem with "GetParameterValue" and "GetPlaybackState"

We are profiling our game that has some frame rate problem, specially on PS4, that is ten times slower of a basic VR ready PC. We are updated to FMOD 1.10.04, but I integrated the fix for the callback (that cameron shared with me), that make the game crash on PS4
Using deep profiling in Unity we noticed a problem with two native FMOD functions (the showed times here are on pc and not PS4):

-GetParameterValue: It seems that this take a lot of time the first time I try to get the “Final Value” on every any created with programmer sounds.
Here is a screenshot of the Unity profiler:
And here a screenshot of the same function applied to an eventInstance not created with programmer sound:

-GetPlaybackState: This function take a lot of time the first time is called on any event (didn’t tested on programmer sounds). Here a script that call the function: and here the same script the frame after that:

Don’t know what could be the problem, maybe some initialization issue, but I’ll be grateful if you could make some test on your side.
Doing a bunch of tests I noticed that sometimes these issues doesn’t come out. I really can’t understand why…

PS: after a few other tests on PS4 we found out that every time we create a programmer sound the update of the “StudioListener” is also taking a lot…

Thank you in advance for your help,

Would you be able to connect the Studio Profiler to record a capture, this will give us a bit more information on what is going on inside FMOD.

Feel free to email it (or a link) to and I will take a look for you.